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Weeds and pest promise a start


Today’s announcement by the Victorian government that it will extend its Roadside Weeds
and Pests Management Program if re-elected, will be appreciated by rural councils as a
contribution to a huge problem.

Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) Chair, Cr Rob Gersch said, however, that the announced
$10.4million for four years was only a portion of what RCV has requested in recent
discussions with both of the major parties.

“While it would enable councils to continue to work with landholders to make in-roads on the
problems they face with weeds and rabbits, it is not enough for each council to employ an
officer to make sure this issue is their sole focus,” Cr Gersch said.

“I know the rural councils will appreciate this commitment – it’s certainly a help towards a
huge problem. But some rural councils have tens of thousands of kilometres of roadside to
manage. So this funding, to be shared between 56 rural and regional councils, really is only
a starting point,” Cr Gersch said.

“Removing weeds from roadsides is not as simple as blanket spraying as native vegetation
needs to be taken into consideration.

“Removing the weeds helps reduce infestation into agricultural crops, so there are further
benefits to rural communities,” he said.

RCV is the alliance of Victoria’s 38 rural councils. It advocates for sustainable, liveable and
prosperous rural communities and delivers projects that provide support and solutions on
issues shared by the state’s rural councils.

For more information contact:
Cr Rob Gersch, Chair, 0427 600 122
Olwyn Redshaw, RCV Policy and Program Manager on 0424 536 006
Birgit Schonafinger, Media Advisor on 0459 281814

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