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Past projects

Rural Retail Handbook

There are many issues facing Victorian rural retailers. These include escape spending to nearby regional cities, online shopping and sales; declining population; limited household spending; economic uncertainty and changes to tourist and visitation patterns.

However, there are many opportunities for rural retailers and councils to work together to bring foot traffic back to the main streets and create more sustainable rural retail industries.  The Rural Retail Handbook includes a wide range ideas sourced both locally and from around the globe that could be implemented by local retailers.

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Rural Council Sustainability

The financial and operational sustainability of rural councils has been raised as an ongoing priority by member councils over recent years, including during consultations for the development of RCV’s Strategic Plan in late 2013 and early 2014. This project seeks to answer the question ‘How can RCV best support councils to build capacity and improve performance in the context of the wider local government reform agenda of the Victorian government?’

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Rural Recruitment and Retention Pilot Report

In 2012-13 Rural Councils Victoria and the Country Education Project worked with the Northern Grampians Shire Council and the Wimmera Development Association to develop and pilot a whole-of-community approach to encourage university graduates to live and work in a rural community. The project tested two approaches: a partnership model and an internship model.

Project outcomes indicate that whole-of-community approaches have significant value in encouraging graduates to consider employment in rural areas.

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Rural Migration Trends and Drivers Report

This report was prepared to identify rural migration trends and drivers impacting Victoria’s rural councils and consult with them on the plans and activities currently being undertaken. The report makes associated draft recommendations about future Rural Councils Victoria programs, following a consultation process with Victoria’s rural councils.

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Financial Cost of Settlement Patterns in Rural Victoria

This report documents a project commissioned by RCV to investigate the financial impacts of different forms of residential development in rural Victoria. The project resulted in:

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Stronger Planning Enforcement Risk Assessment Framework and Further Resources

The Stronger Planning Enforcement – Risk Assessment Tool and this Supplementary Resource were developed in response to a 2008 Auditor-General’s recommendation that councils should:

“Conduct an across-the-board risk assessment of all permit categories to set enforcement priorities and resource allocation and to better address their legal obligations to administer and enforce the planning scheme and  the Planning and Environment Act 1987”

The framework is intended to be a model that councils, in particular, rural councils, may use to assist in determining enforcement priorities, having regard to available resources.

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Retailing in Rural Municipalities

For small rural communities, retail is an important part of the economic base. Local Councils have some influence on retailing in their municipalities through land use planning, urban design, infrastructure planning, rates and charges and the like, and they can facilitate improvements to maximise the local economic benefits through a strong retail sector.

The objectives of this research were:

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Economic Development Activities and Capacity Audit, 2012

This report has been prepared by Rural Councils Victoria to identify the economic development activities and capacity of Victoria’s rural councils and to make associated recommendations about future Rural Councils Victoria programs, following consultation with Victoria’s 38 rural councils.

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Economic Skills Program

This project responds to the findings of the Rural Councils’ Economic Development Activities and Capacity Audit, which indicated a need amongst rural councils for learning, skill development and capacity building to support and assist rural councils in their economic development efforts.

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Rural Communities Supporting Creative Industries: Opportunity Paper

This Opportunities Paper illustrates ways rural councils could support their local industry, recognising the role high speed broadband plays in supporting innovation, skills and business growth, productivity and competitive advantage. In particular, four key opportunities have been identified for the growth and support of creative industries in rural Victorian communities.

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Rural Creative Industries Economic Study

This study provides detailed economic analysis of Rural Victoria’s creative sector. This analysis was undertaken to assist the State Government in identifying challenges and opportunities for the sector and in developing appropriate policy responses.

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