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Budget submission

Victorian Budget 2018/2019 Submission

Victoria’s skyrocketing economic growth is masking a serious issue – while Melbourne and regional cities grow, rural Victorians are falling behind.

Jobs growth is stagnant, health and education outcomes are below average, and many towns are struggling to retain young families.

As Melbourne surges ahead, rural Victorians are watching their roads, businesses and livelihoods stagnate.

This widening inequality issue isn’t going away. Urgent investment is required to give rural Victorians a fair go and give all communities the same opportunities and living standards as Melbourne’s residents.

Working together on existing projects, like the Local Roads to Market program, rural councils have demonstrated significant value as investment partners for the Victorian Government.

In cooperation with community groups, local businesses and our 38 member councils, Rural Councils Victoria has produced four key priorities for the 2018/19 Budget that get to the heart of what rural Victorians need – liveability, sustainability, economic growth and effective service delivery.

We’re committed to delivering better outcomes for rural Victorians.

Let’s give them a Victorian Budget to be excited about!

RCV Budget Submission

Fact sheet: Budget submission

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