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Recruiting and Retaining Young People

The outward migration of young people from rural communities is an ongoing concern for rural councils. The Recruiting and Retaining Young People: learning to date toolkit aims to assist and empower councils and local businesses to recruit final year university students, and graduates, to work in rural communities.

Following the success of a pilot program, undertaken by the Wimmera Development Association (WDA) and Northern Grampians Shire Council in 2012-13, a new round of funding was advertised in 2014, with the WDA allocated funding under this round.

Polish Consulting was engaged following the completion of the projects to develop the Recruiting and Retaining Young People: learning to date toolkit.

The pilot program report includes copies of templates, findings, tools and guidelines from both projects for other councils to emulate and / or modify to suit their own circumstances. Follow the Quick Links link to find out more.

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