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Rural Retail Handbook

Rural Retail Handbook

There are many issues facing Victorian rural retailers. These include: escape spending to nearby regional cities, online shopping and sales; declining population; limited household spending; economic uncertainty and changes to tourist and visitation patterns.

However, there are many opportunities for rural retailers and councils to work together to bring foot traffic back to the main streets and create more sustainable rural retail industries.  The Rural Retail Handbook includes a wide range ideas sourced both locally and from around the globe that could be implemented by local retailers.

Ideas include good practice collaboration examples from councils in Australia and around the world who have teamed up with local retailers to create events or run programs that reinvigorate the main streets and create a reason for residents to get back to the shops. The Rural Retail handbook also includes a series of easy-to-implement case studies from a range of rural councils around Victoria.

This handbook also includes examples of initiatives that retailers have implemented without the need for council collaboration including good practice community engagement, crowd sourcing and multichannel retail initiatives.

The Rural Retail Economics study also investigates the current evidence on the trends and drivers of retailing patterns in rural communities and the impact on local economies and jobs. Read the Rural Retail economic study here.

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