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$3m government pledge to rural councils


Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) has welcomed the state government’s commitment to fund the
organisation with $3million over the next four years, if re-elected in November.

RCV Chair, Cr Rob Gersch said the funding will allow RCV to continue providing valuable
support to the 38 rural councils on shared challenges through training, policy responses and
developing tools to benefit councils.

“Rural councils’ priorities are to maximise efficiencies and effective use of resources to
deliver the services communities expect, which in turn will encourage new residents,
business and industry to the country,” Cr Gersch said.

“This commitment by the Deputy Premier, Peter Ryan at our Forum in Melbourne yesterday
supports continuing collaboration across rural Victoria to better respond to opportunities as
they arise,” he said.

The Victorian government funded RCV’s Networked Rural Councils program from 2011 and
this was due to expire in June 2015.

“Our members agree that over the initial three and a half years RCV has gained in
confidence and insight and increased its reach and impact. Yesterday’s funding commitment
recognises the momentum achieved over the previous 3.5 years under the Networked Rural
Councils Program.”

RCV is the alliance of Victoria’s 38 rural councils. It advocates for sustainable, liveable and
prosperous rural communities and delivers projects that provide support and solutions on
issues shared by the state’s rural councils.

For more information contact:
Cr Rob Gersch, Chair, 0427 600 122
Olwyn Redshaw, RCV Policy and Program Manager on 0424 536 006
Birgit Schonafinger, Media Advisor on 0459 281814

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Rural Councils Victoria’s strategic plan RCV Tomorrow can be viewed on the RCV website.

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