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Proposed changes to RCV Incorporated Rules

The current Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) Incorporated Rules were adopted in 2016.

Since that time, the first committee election process and first Annual General Meeting have been held.

A number of inconsistencies, contradictions and onerous requirements in the Incorporated Rules have since been identified.

The RCV Committee has prepared a revised version of the Incorporated Rules, along with an explanatory document outlining the rationale for each of the changes (both documents are available for download below.

In accordance with the current Incorporated Rules, Rule 77 states that the rules may only be altered by a special resolution at a general meeting.

It is proposed that a final revised version of the Incorporated Rules be presented as a special resolution at the RCV Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 17 October.

The RCV Committee is now seeking feedback from members on the proposed changes to the Incorporated Rules, as well as any others that may have been overlooked during the review process.

All feedback will be considered by the RCV Committee when preparing the final revised version to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Feedback is to be submitted to secretariat@ruralcouncilsvictoria.org.au by Friday 31 August

Enquiries can be directed to the RCV Secretariat at secretariat@ruralcouncilsvictoria.org.au or (02) 6071 5100.

RCV Incorporated Rules – explanation of proposed changes

RCV Incorporated Rules – proposed changes