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Peri Urban Economic Development Strategy

Peri Urban Economic Development Strategy

RCV is pleased to partner with the Peri Urban Group of Rural Councils (PUGRC) which advocate for Victorian peri urban support and solutions at local, state and national level.

The PUGRC are a key part of Victoria’s growth response outside of the metropolitan growth areas and the Regional Cities.

Additionally, they contain a significant component of Victoria’s tourism assets, recreation opportunities, water catchments and productive agricultural areas.

To successfully manage the population growth and visitor populations, the Peri Urban region is developing an overarching strategy which will identify suitable employment and investment opportunities and the required infrastructure projects for the region. The project will be developed with the support of Rural Councils Victoria.

The objective of the strategy will be to enable cohesive, whole of government planning and the sharing of significant infrastructure which would reduce unnecessary duplication across the region. Additionally, the Strategy will enable both Local and State Government to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the strategic requirements for the region.

The project commenced early in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2018.