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RCV operates under a comprehensive framework of governance endorsed by all 38 member councils. The guiding principles of the framework are:

  • To support successful delivery of advocacy, programs and communications for rural councils.
  • That all 38 councils are engaged, involved and informed of the strategy, programs and advocacy campaigns of the network
  • That the RCV Executive Committee considers regional equity in recommendations it provides and decisions it makes on behalf of the network
  • That the RCV Executive Committee develops ways to keep all programs and projects ‘fresh’, contemporary and ‘best practice’
  • That there are mechanisms in place to shape and steer the program, define priorities and allocate project resources to ensure accountability to the members and funders of the alliance.
  • That funds are allocated to projects that empower rural councils to address their current and future challenges in a more sustainable way.
  • The RCV Executive Committee is guided by the priorities of the 38 rural councils.

Meetings of the RCV Executive Committee focus on RCV business, strategy, program and advocacy focus and each meeting includes an agenda to reflect this principle. Further information can be found in the RCV Governance Framework.


RCV’s Chair is Cr Rob Gersch

The election for the RCV Chairperson is held every two years. The Deputy chair is elected by the Executive Committee soon after the election of the Chairperson.

The RCV Executive Committee comprises two representatives: a councillor and a senior officer, from each of the six Municipal Association of Victoria rural regions. It meets monthly to provide direction, identify priorities and guide the implementation of RCV’s program.

RCV Executive Committee meetings are generally held on the second Friday of the month in Melbourne.

Committee Members

The RCV Executive Committee provides a program update to the bi-annual RCV Forum comprising the Mayors and CEOs from Victoria’s 38 rural councils.

The RCV Secretariat provides monthly reporting to the RCV Executive Committee and a Yearly Report to Victoria’s 38 rural councils.

Cr Robert Vance

Pyrenees Shire Council

Cr Leo Tellefson

Buloke Shire Council

Cr Mohya Davies

South Gippsland Shire Council

Cr Jan Vonarx

Alpine Shire Council

Helen Anstis CEO

Baw Baw Shire Council

Ray Campling CEO

Yarriambiack Shire Council

Juliana Phelps CEO

Towong Shire Council

Cr Gavan Holt

Loddon  Shire Council

John McLinden CEO

Loddon Shire Council

Cr Lyn Russell

Colac Otway Shire Council

Lenny Jenner  CEO

Borough of Queenscliffe Council

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