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About RCV

Rural Councils Victoria is an organisation representing Victoria’s 38 rural councils, supporting and promoting sustainable, liveable, prosperous rural communities.

Our aims are to:

  • Promote a collective voice and to be an avenue of communication and liaison between our member councils and State and Federal governments
  • Enable local solutions and facilitate networking, learning, capacity building, and external communication
  • Create an interactive learning hub, and contribute to the development of evidence-based policy and strategy
  • Build the resilience and capacity of councils to support economic development and increase the sustainability of rural communities
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to improve the attraction and retention of residents and businesses to rural areas

RCV’s mission is to:

  • Heighten awareness and understanding of issues that impact on rural communities
  • Use policy, strategy, advocacy and evidence-based research to secure better outcomes for our member councils
  • Assist with building the capacity of rural councils to face challenges
  • Provide leadership on local governance

RCV’s objectives are to:

  • Develop and support rural councils
  • Develop policy and advocate to other levels of government on the issues affecting rural communities
  • Increase RCV’s recognition and influence in the sector

We believe that liveable, sustainable and prosperous rural communities are fundamental to the ongoing success of Victoria.

The definition of a rural Council

A rural Council is loosely defined as any Council with less than 15,000 residents. In Victoria, there are 38 councils classified as ‘rural’. Victoria’s rural councils are responsible for 79 per cent of Victoria’s land area, and have a combined population of approximately 704,000 people (June 2011).

  • The Regional Growth Fund Act 2011 defines five ‘regions’ and the 48 Municipal Councils in regional Victoria
  • The Regional Victoria Settlement Framework (Amendment VC66 changes Clause 12 of the State Planning Policy Framework) describes a settlement hierarchy within Regional Victoria
  • The Regional Cities portfolio is described as the ten largest cities in Regional Victoria, as defined by the Regional Cities Victoria group.

RCV was established in 2005 to coordinate the network of 38 rural councils across Victoria.

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